In the spotlight: Daniel Pulver discusses tactics with his players.

#1 Raphael Bachmann | 1987 | T-Stick, Goalkeeper | Iron Cats Zürich

Raphael is the captain of the national team. «Büm» is his nickname. He thinks a lot about sport and is considered a sly fox.

#33 Dave Inhelder | 1997 | T-Stick | Iron Cats Zürich

Dave is one of the best powerchair athletes in the world. He anticipates game situations early on and can foresee the course of the game. Dave is our mastermind. 

#17 Noé Spirig | 2001 | T-Stick & H-Stick | Iron Cats Zürich

Noé is a student. He questions many things and looks for other, new ways to master the situation even better. On the field, he feels how he has to position himself to actively intervene in the game.

#13 Jannis Affolter | 2004 | T-Stick, Goalkeeper | Red Eagle Basel

Jannis is a big fan of FC Basel. He cheers along at every game. Out on the field, he‘s tough as nails when it comes to blocking a player – though sometimes he‘s not very delicate about it! 

#3 Daniel Rolli | 1971 | T-Stick | Rolling Thunder Bern

«Rolli» is the oldest in the team. He is impulsive. He can bring emotion into a game when it is absolutely necessary. 

#11 Jan Schäublin | 2001 | H-Stick | Rolling Thunder Bern

«Head through the wall» is often his motto. Even if there is enough space on the left or right, Jan throttles his way through the defence. One thing you have to keep in mind, though: he is coming through!

#87 Dominik Zenhäusern | 2000 | H-Stick | Iron Cats Zürich

Dominik is a very skilful player, who can do things with the H-Stick that only a few can do. It is almost impossible to snatch the ball from him. 

#24 Manuel Melder | 2002 | H-Stick | Iron Cats Zürich

«Manu» is very playful. He doesn‘t like to part with the ball. «Manu» often attempts circus-like actions, only to make moves a little later that are surprising and effective. 

#7 Nelson Braillard | 1995 | H-Stick | Torpedo Turicum

«Nels» is a calm, composed player and is strong with the ball as well as in duels. He is capable of getting out of trouble in tight spaces with the ball on his stick. 

#8 Veronica Conceição | 1985 | H-Stick | Torpedo Turicum

«Vero» is a volcano on the field. She brings emotion, dedication and huge commitment to the game – and never gives up. And still, as the only woman in the team, she can give the boys a good run for their money. 

Raphaël Mathis | Assistent Trainer

Raphaël is an adept tactician. He comes from floorball and is familiar with the skills that are needed in Powerchair Hockey. We understand each other perfectly, have the same philosophy and complement each other perfectly. 

Paul Emmering | Teammanager, Skill-Trainer Torpedo Turicum

Paul, the world champion. He led Germany to the title in the 2010 World Championship final against the Netherlands with his deciding goal in extra time. Paul is both a role model and a motivator for the players.